Our solutions for protein production.

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Mycropt offers tailored solutions for companies who want to improve their protein production and expand their product portfolio. We adapt our technology to each product that enters our pipeline.

Feasibility study

To assess if production of a protein can be optimized using Mycropt’s technology platform, we perform a short feasibility study. It takes between 1-4 months depending on the product and the technologies that are applied.

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Mycropt offers optimization of proteins using the whole or parts of our technology platform. At the end of the project, we will deliver a construct or strain with improved product yield. The expected project timeframe is 1-6 months depending on the required cultivation scale, analyses, and on the technologies that are applied.

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Mycropt's technology platform is available for licensing.

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Can we improve your product?

We offer inexpensive feasibility studies to see how our method can improve the production of your protein.

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